Welcome to Back to Health

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Back to Health is a multi-disciplinary health care centre, focussing on the health needs of the entire family. We feel it is never too early or late to pursue a healthy and pain free quality of life! Our clinic team of professionals boasts over 50 years of health care experience and are proud to offer a unique multidisciplinary approach.

We assess you as a whole person and create a treatment plan according to your specific needs. Whether you are seeking care for an acute injury, looking to improve function and mobility, or making healthy lifestyle choices, we can help you reach your goals.

We offer a unique opportunity to have your health care needs addressed in a team approach.  At Back to Health, we are fortunate to have two practitioners of Chiropractic, and an extensive referral network of other professionals available right in Strathmore. Many of our patients appreciate the ability to choose from many treatments options, all under one roof! We, as a health care team, value the ability to work with one another closely to best meet your health goals.

We offer flexible hours, a convenient location and efficient and friendly staff.  We value your time as much as we value our own, and although upsets do occur, we strive to remain on schedule, so you can remain on schedule.

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